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Great Healthy Alternatives to Gatorade

Great Healthy Alternatives to Gatorade For the longest time, our culture has told us that sports drinks are the key to ruling your workout. Unfortunately, reality would show some people that they had been tricked. In fact, what a lot of sports drinks ended up doing was simply dumping sugar right into the body. Why is sugar so bad? [...]

5 Amazing Recovery Foods

5 Amazing Recovery Foods   Whenever you're trying to get a great workout in, it's essential to remember that without a proper diet, there's only so much that exercise can do for you. Food is to the body what gasoline is to your car. And just as is the case with your car, the quality of gas you put [...]

3 Skin Care Secrets for Summer

3 Skin Care Secrets for Summer   Summer brings with it promise of sunny days, laying out on the beach, wearing great clothes when shopping and wonderful afternoon brunches. But how do you ensure that you are taking the best care you can of your skin? How can you get the most out of your regimen? What might you [...]

The Miracle of Microneedling

The Miracle of Microneedling There is a host of treatments that surprise many patients by when we discuss them during consultations, and I can understand why. At the end of the day, it never sounds incredibly appealing to subject one's self to a bunch of tiny needles. But the outcomes are nothing short of miraculous for many. The basic [...]

What Does Botox Do?

What Does Botox Do?   Many people who might be new to aesthetic medicine are still familiar with a lot of terms surrounding it. One of the most recognized terms with the most baggage is “Botox.” So just what is Botox? And what is it used for? On a Basic Level For starters, Botox and facial fillers are often [...]